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Lío Mehiel
A Klass x Lio in the desert

Lío Mehiel is a Puerto Rican and Greek artist, actor, and filmmaker.


Their work spans film, television, multimedia installation, theater, and events. They are obsessed with the inherent contradiction of the trans experience — one deeply rooted in the body while also transcending beyond the body.


Lío began their career as a professional salsa dancer and child actor on Broadway. They can now be seen on shows like WeCrashed (Apple+) and Tales of the City (Netflix). They are making their feature film debut in the lead role of Mutt by writer/director Vuk LK, which will make its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2023.


As a filmmaker, Lío produced Chaperone, a queer short film which premiered at Sundance 2022. They wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Disforia, a short film which premiered at Outfest Film Festival in 2018. They are now stuck inside of a psychomagic act with this story as they write the feature script version and confront their own medical transition.


As an installation artist, their immersive piece Arcade Amerikana was included in the list of 10 Best Immersive Shows in NYC by TimeOut and GOTHAMIST.


Lío is currently the producer and creative director of Angels, a developing collection of stone sculptures of transgender humans. The works were first featured as part of a pop-up installation at Outfest LA in 2022, and will be debuted in full at SIZED Gallery LA in 2023.


Lío is a co-founder of Voyeur Productions with Russell Kahn and Dulcinee DeGuere. They attended Northwestern University, and are an alumni of the Emerge NYC residency program for artists and activists.


IG @lio.mehiel


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